Recent research by the Global Off-Grid Solar Authority (‘GOGLA’) into the impact of having a Solar Home System (‘SHS’), strongly indicates that off-grid solar is a powerful tool for positive change across the East African region, the world’s largest off-grid solar market in terms of sales.

The research was completed across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Mozambique. It confirms that people who have had their SHS for at least fifteen months gain more income, are more productive, complete more home study, see environmental benefits and feel healthier, happier and more secure in their homes.

One of the other key points to emerge is that a SHS can effectively pay for itself. This is possible through the combination of increased productivity, new micro-business opportunities (eg: phone charging), rising income and the reduced outlay on previous energy options like kerosene lamps and fuel, candles, batteries and wood.

Specific research findings include;

  • 34% of households undertake more economic activities thanks to their SHS
  • 28% of households generate additional income after purchasing a SHS (average monthly income increased by US$46 per month within households generating income)
  • 91% of customers report they feel safer with off-grid solar
  • 89% report their health has improved since buying the SHS
  • 86% of customers say children have more time to do their homework
  • 95% of customers would recommend their SHS to a friend or relative
  • 94% of customers report improvements in their quality of life by using their SHS
  • Kumusha Power believes Zimbabwean buyers of our Solar Home Systems should find these products to be an equally powerful and positive tool for change within their own lives. Our suppliers, d.light solar, are one of the market leading suppliers of SHS products within East Africa.

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Source: The research took place with customers from seven leading ‘PayGo’ Solar companies across East Africa, including d.light – “Powering Opportunity in East Africa: Proving Off-Grid Solar is a Power Tool for Change” (GOGLA, Sept 2019)