Reliable energy provides options. It drives our daily lives. In Zimbabwe, reliable access to energy 24/7 is a daily challenge for most people. Grid power is limited. Power outages are frequent. Back up options, like generators, are essential.

But for the millions living ‘off-Grid’ in peri-urban or rural areas, alternative energy sources are needed. Many Zimbabweans spend up to ZW$500 per month on basic energy and lighting options like kerosene lamps, lanterns, torches, batteries and candles. These products carry not only a sizeable cost but avoidable health and safety risks too.

Kumusha Power will shortly be launching a clean, safe and reliable energy alternative which offers multiple benefits and has been hugely successful in other parts of Africa – the Solar Home Systems from d.light Design. These products will be available nationwide through various distributors and will be affordable to the majority of Zimbabweans, with ‘PayGo’ credit options available.

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