Research by the Global Off-Grid Solar Authority (‘GOGLA’) indicates strong growth within the global off-grid solar industry as it adapts to evolving consumer demand. Sales of Global Solar Home Systems’ (‘SHS’) products greater than 11 Wp increased by 40% during January-June 2019 (‘H1’), compared to the previous six months.

During this H1 2019 period SHS sales surpassed Multi-Light Systems (‘MLS’) sales for the first time, driven mainly by the popularity of ‘PayGo’ financing models which have made SHS products affordable to far more people. These SHS buyers are seeking a reliable household or business lighting system also capable of powering off-grid solar appliances like fans, radios and TVs.

According to GOGLA, global PayGo sales surged to a record 1 million lighting units and 195,000 appliances during H1 2019.

Their specific research findings include;

  • Global sales for period H1 2019 included 2.83 million solar lanterns, 600,000 multi-light systems and 680,000 solar home systems*
    *Note: reported sales data covers an est 30% of all solar lanterns and MLS, and 60-80% of all SHS sold globally during this period (not all countries / regions provide full sales reporting)
  • PayGo sales represented 76% of the 680,000 SHS sales reported during the period H1 2019
  • Weakening overall MLS sales in Sub-Saharan Africa is likely due to the increase in SHS sales
  • Sub-Saharan Africa remains the major market for SHS products, accounting for 70% of the global total, with East Africa the dominant region and Kenya the standout market

Kumusha Power is greatly encouraged by this research which supports its decision to take the lead within Zimbabwe by distributing SHS products manufactured by its highly respected supplier d.light solar.

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Source: The research is drawn from GOGLA’s publication “Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report – Semi-Annual Sales and Impact data” (Oct 2019). The research was co-sponsored by Lighting Global, the World Bank and Berenschot among others and included contributions from a large number of suppliers and distributors.