Retail Partners

A Valued Retail Network

Kumusha Power is the only company ready and able to roll out PayGo SHS on a national scale in Zimbabwe.

As the in-Country distributor for d.light products, the Company has clearly defined roles and responsibilities regarding the introduction and ongoing support of d.light in Zimbabwe. The primary business model is to provide formal resellers who between them have a national reach, with consignment stock of d.light PayGo units.

These units can only be activated upon completion of a registration process that records the full details of the reseller, agent, customer, location and unit.

Go-To-Market Model

Our go-to-market model includes our established partnerships with major retailers in Zimbabwe who will be selling 80% to low risk secured debtors such as the Salaries Service Bureau (the Civil Service paymaster) and other formally employed persons plus approximately 20% of total sales volume into the medium to high risk informal sector across local territories.

“Territories” are based on the geo-political presence and influence of the reseller, as well as active versus passive sales strategies, as it is impossible to completely avoid overlapping.

CREATIVE CREDIT is a major reseller to Civil Servants, the Army, ZRP and Prison Services. They have a direct sales force.

TV SALES AND HOME is a national retailer who has over 40 shops country-wide and is in every major town. Their model relies on their physical presence to attract walk-in customers and they will be serving predominantly urban and peri-urban customers, Civil Servants and their own selected credit customers.

ZIMPOST has an authorised reseller agreement with Kumusha Power that allows the Company to install branded sales booths across the ZIMPOST network of up to 220 sites nationwide, to be manned by trained ZIMPOST staff. ZIMPOST will be our channel to market for the furthest reaches of the country through a combination of “brick and mortar” points of presence and the direct sales efforts of existing postal staff.

CELL PLUS/SALTIS/BUY DIRECT are a reseller group that comprises web-based services targeting local and diaspora online shoppers with about 45 sales representatives selling mainly to civil servants.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to have affordable Solar Lighting in Every Off-Grid Rural Household.

Our Mission is;

To become the leading distributor of domestic mini Solar Home Systems (SHS) in Zimbabwe, which will enable us to improve the lives of millions of Zimbabweans through the provision of clean, affordable and reliable energy.

To reduce paraffin consumption by 11.5 million litres per annum.

To annually offset more than 50 000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

To generate more than 7 000 megawatt hours of power annually.

To save more than US$200 per-household per annum.

To save the country more than US$10 000 000 in FOREX every year.

To deliver sustainable health, education and commercial benefits to rural women and youths.

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